Web Design

When I design a new website it is important to produce a good concept before starting the web programming and coding. The technical aspects of the site must be according and adjusted to the needs of the target audience and client. The process is then developed by planning and researching, setting up a domain and webhosting, develop ideas, conceptual sketches, wireframing, prototypes followed by user testing, develop site structures or web architecture, coding, interactivity and responsive design, further user testing and finally optimization, final testing and launching. It is important to always keep good communication, be clear on which path to follow and in agreement with clients and target market.

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In some cases I have been in the necessity of developing a photoshoot that meets a certain design criteria. I manage to produce good results by doing research on styles, develop ideas and sketches and further planning the technical settings for each shot beforehand

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Magazine adverts

I have produce adverts and publicity material that are effective with their target audience. I have achieved this by applying idea development methods, doing lot of research and trials before production, plan and execute product photo shoots and experiment combining the product photo with self-produced illustrations and design elements.

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Motion Graphics

During my studies I was assigned to produce a complex video sequence that demanded thorough planning. A bit like web designing I needed to be very clear what it should look like before engaging with production. There were limitations that I needed to consider prior starting the development such as format, sequence length, size, and technology among others. I proceed doing research, creating concepts, sketching storyboards, vectorising and producing logos, producing animations, creating visual and sound effects, and finally packaging the sequence into a format that would play in any standard video player.

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It is also possible to create a piece of music that aims a target audience. It is possible to achieve it by doing researches, and listening to relative music genre that match the audience or the concept.  However, I like composing music that deliver a message that goes beyond business. I aim to make us think on our every day as society members and reflection on what we are promoting with our actions. I believe it is important to create awareness and a connection with what surround us and awake our sense of responsibility with each other, deep feelings and expression, self-respect and environmental concern

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There has been a lot of thought and innovation to it and it really shows.

Lovely colour, fonts and style! Very much in line with the target audience

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