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Arte50.com lead the user through a brief history, concepts and names of the most renowned associated artist from Swiss Style, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Psychedelia over the last 50 years. Within this site the user will find a collection of links and references books for further investigation.

Landing page arte 50

Content page


Responsive design

Arte50.com adjust to various screen sizes allowing users to access it from multiples devices

Above ↑ website in tablet mode and below ↓ mobile phone mode


For this website project I was asked to design a logo. Later on I started sketching wireframes followed by conducting my first test on the current website structure. The design takes in consideration both pc screens and mobile devices. Below you can see some sketches from the design process.


Final wireframing are shown to my clients for approvals. Until now I have avoided using colours and specific design elements in order to just focus on functionality and accessibility. All this is done prior entering final design and coding to ensure that we  have taken into account diverse elements that are required by my client and in relation to front end-user.

To be in Mind

Often when you make a search in internet about art styles related to graphic design, you might get a broad list of links about architecture or fine arts but little or very brief info about the subject in question. Although more sites are starting to provide information about graphic design, there are possibilities to further develop in this subject. Arte50.com has as main ideal find and organize useful links to show a better picture on the evolution of graphic design based on history facts. 

Value for client

Accessibility to history facts, have control on the information that is uploaded, fast access in an organized system, simple, original and provides effective solutions that are consistent and functional. The site hopes to provide  inspiration to achieve new ideas, new solutions and innovation. All this, while looking good. 


Currently the site is based on research from trustworthy websites and organizations. However on further development the site will search for support by a group of experts in art history  

Things I like 

The site aims to provide resourceful links that can lead to great trustworthy information based on facts and history. It is build by a community of users that share and cross check their findings.


Serve as a medium to build or add to a community of art students, artist or people in general interested in arts.

Market strategy 

This site may function as a place for students interested in art styles to find useful resources for further investigation. A round of research has been run to identify front users needs, how they would like the information to be displayed and how they would most probably access it.  

Website samples 


Branding portfolio PDF

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