For this client I produce two photographs for an advertising campaign promoting technical clothing for outdoor sports activities. The emphasis was on the activities and the environment the clothes are intended for. The photoshoot was taken outdoors using mainly natural lighting capturing movement in different ways, one was in freeze motion and the other one in motion blur.

motion blur

The picture evokes movement, action, and encourage to start running towards a goal right away.

Freeze motion

With this photo I intend to reflect the human needs for freedom, commitment, challenge, dynamism, no self-limitation.


ideas and SKETCHES

I started by doing a research where I collected various adverts just to compare and get a feeling of the work I was going to be engaging. Based on that research I produce a mood boards where I collected styles and inspiring ideas for developing a concept. This was accompanied by a rough storyboard for sketching ideas. Before jumping into storyboard sketching I reviewed a few locations and visit them. This gave me a better overview for planning my scene. Below  a rough storyboard that I used for sketching my ideas.


For developing this photoshoot I needed to take into account what the target market recognize and understand as outdoors technical clothing, the environment, the pose, and even how the image brightness, contrast and colours affected the message  that I intended deliver

The technical  aspect of photography needs a lot of dedication and practice in order to achieve a desired balance between light, speed and focal length. This need a lot of experience and experimentation. However one of the main elements that need special understanding is how light affect the composition.



This project was a challenge as I really needed to try hard and experiment in order to finally get quality images that serves my client requirements.


With this photoshoot I achieve images that represented my client’s product in the market


The product is aimed to a group of people who are active, healthy, athletic, and  go out training under any weather. Nothing can stop them. And that is how the market strategy works behind those picture. It reflects their persona making them feel that they already know the product.



Nice photos! You consciously employ the rule of thirds and you are aware of other elements that contribute to the dynamic feeling of the composition.



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