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My client asked to compose a magazine advert inspired by a specific style of my choice from an earlier time before the 70’s. My Object was a Remington typewriter from the 1960’s. I proceeded to do a brief research on the typewriter and its time design style, searching for inspiration from a concept that might be used back in that era. With that in hand I needed to create an illustration and merge all those elements together


Development of ideas using scamper thinking method and research on layouts out of magazines from that epoch







In order to achieve coherence with the style, I collected reference
images, magazines pages, and images from the web that served as inspiration and a way to understand how art concepts were used in that period.


Through this advert, my client manage to deliver their message clearly to its audience


Supported by research I manage to successfully accomplish my clients goals by delivering a message to their specific target market.


I felt an immediate challenge as I thought such a forgotten device deserved more than just dust and dirt. This machine has an important meaning in our societies and it has also been a tool for many writers, and offices. That technology was discarded not long ago after computers took over. This machine shows that technological advances are discarded and forgotten quickly nevertheless they have an impact on our ways of living.


The advert deliver a powerful message that enhance the functionality of this machine to its target audience.


This machine was created to be lightweight and portable, with advance features that allowed adjustments and could fit several users. It was target to a broader group of people ranging from professionals to amateurs. In resume the machine was aimed for working people, writers, home use and perhaps students that might find their self in need to do things on the fly and carry the machine around.

I intended to create an statement where the first part of the text “ideas in” present the customer that possibilities are endless, it is accompanied by an illustration of the typewriter, i.e., ideas are not yet put into action. After that you see the rest of the text in a second line that says “type them out” it is accompanied by a photo of the typewriter. It finishes the statement and with it is saying that the typewriter can help you fulfil your goals starting from ideas and ending in good results.


The choice of colour is good, as it is representative both of the product and of advertising of the time.

The concept is really strong. During the 60’s – 70’s advertising was mostly illustrative of the product being advertised. It was very literal. You managed to simulate this, while adding a strong concept.



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