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For this assignment I was asked to produce an animated sequence between 15 to 30 seconds in duration. With this sequence I was going to create the atmosphere for the Diamond Awards evening. Diamond Awards is a Noroff yearly event that gives recognition to the best student’s project under different categories. Within that amount of time I was going to present each category in a way that represent its nomination. However it should also fit the sequence concept as a whole.





I needed to work each category independently as they represent an specific target but at the same time they needed to also belong together  to create consistency.


Create interest and expectatives in the target market.


Taking in consideration that the audience for this event are teachers, art students, and people that already work in this areas, I needed to reflect in each category what I took out from the research so the persona would be as follows:  Creative, innovative, fun and exciting people that are looking for proportions and harmony both in colours and grid. The persona is also interested in the graphics technical aspects, is organized and methodical and at the same time is also unlimited for solutions with a broad overview of what surrounds them.


I  manage to create a motion graphic where every category play its part by being very specific. At the same time all parts belong to a whole concept, it is coherent and consistent. It matches the client’s requirements and communicate  its message well to the target market


A really stunning sequence. Overall it’s captivating and communicates very well

There is a lot of experimentation with the animation. Lovely colour, fonts and style! Very much in line with the target audience

The type is very well chosen and the animation for each of the subjects is excellent. Each has its own concept, feel and unique execution

There has been a lot of thought and innovation to it and it really shows.


Branding portfolio PDF

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