Hi I am Jan Aleks. During all this years working with design I have found that design is a life on its own. For me design can be compared to music. It is always evolving and something new is often created from a previous input. Coming from a musical background; as I am a musician too, I see those similitudes very clear. I see layers both in music and design, harmonies in sounds and colours, or great musical riff in object repetition. I guess this are the reason I am so passionate about design. Design as well as music uses the past experiences, the present and the future. Every time we acknowledge something, it builds up for a greater purpose.


I create process and develop my client’s visual image as a result of deeply understanding their business personality and their client’s behaviour, achieving an organized system that is also understood by production companies. This serves as a link between my clients and the productions process of their visual image


Co-work between my client and me, efficiency by using creative methods such as mind maps, brainstorming, forced random connections and keep things simple, successful creative process with good structures, offer tips that help my clients to develop their market strategy, leave my clients with a better understanding of their graphical aspect of their business’s problem, and try my best effort to find the best possible solution, deliver a great developed product


I see myself as fun, organized and reachable but I know for sure that I am also patience, positive, and very passionate for what I do.  I am environmentally concern and often get compliments about my integrity, my willingness to help, friendliness and easy-going character

What I enjoy

I enjoy searching for facts and solution, combine and play with possibilities, think and move things around in my head, vectorizing images, find new tool and  what I love most is to achieve a creative connection or manage to successfully communicate visually or by sounds.

What I do

I find facts and solutions while developing systems for better work communication and dynamic process.

unique Values

  • Quality: it is how I ensure my clients will come back for further projects and a way to achieve their happiness when working with me
  • Integrity: I respect my clients by delivering quality and always doing the right thing
  • Trustworthiness: I achieve my client trust with integrity, and I guide them through the design processes effectively showing dedication and empathy
  • Dedication: I give my best and I get deep on the work that I need to do
  • Empathy: by trying to understand my clients and their business I get a brief glimpse of what it could be to be my client
  • Synergy: the connection and understanding achieve between my clients and me, creates a chain of positive

My actions

I would love to support animal care, reforestation, recycling, design and building sustainable communities, teaching and spreading awareness.

Studies / experience

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